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Thoughts on our future lineage…



This was a message written years ago by the Co-founders as they reflected on our lineage and hives.

Blessed Be!

When Spiral Tree Grove was formed back in 2000, our intent was to create a unique circle with teaching at the core of our tradition. Our goal, simply stated, was (and continues to be) to plant and nurture the seeds of our tradition, to inspire a sense of joy in communing with the Gods and impart the wonder of the Mysteries to those who honor and embrace the old ways and share our views. We hoped to find those who wished to bring their own style, thoughts and personal wisdom to share with our circle, and in return, carry our tradition into the future. Trainee’s have come and gone…but a few have shown the necessary dedication & fortitude to complete our clergy training program. Now they are a part of not only our Spiral, but as Winter Spirits (High Priestess) and duly ordained clergy, they stride into the future, taking with them the teachings of our tradition to pass onto to others.

Although we encourage our students to consider starting their own circle, we never demand them to ‘branch’ off – that is a choice that must be made with an open mind, a clear heart and a great deal of strength. We have learned from our owns trials the hard work, dedication, support and perseverance needed to take that leap of faith, and we as the Grove founders & Winter Spirit Balance strive to be not only mentors to our former student, but friends and ‘sisters’ who know the challenges they will face. They must learn many lessons that cannot be taught – only experienced.

Although if they do leave to branch out, we may feel a sense of loss and sadness as they leave our spiral and begin to walk upon their own, we also feel a great deal of pride in them, their accomplishments and desire to branch out and plant their own seeds. Actually, pride doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel…but we are humbly honored to have walked with with our trainee’s during their training, and are excited to see where their new spiral path takes them and the Grove in the future. We thank all our students for sharing their time, energy, wisdom and joy with us and ask the Gods to guide them as they walk gently upon their new path.

Love & Blessings…

Melanie (retired) & Cheryl! (2009)


To our Members….past and future.

There have been many who have spiraled in and out of STG, COTE over the years. If they stayed or went, it was always what was meant to be and we respect those who have a path different then us.

We have been lucky to have shared ritual space with some awesome people who found themselves connected to STG. We were also lucky to have support from the community and various covens that we associated over the years. To them, we are grateful as they helped our tradition and community grow.

Our members, from Outer Grove to Inner Grove are our focus. We try hard to make the experiences enjoyable and comfortable while bringing gentle spiritual insight through our teachings and rituals.

As we spiraled around the Wheel of the Year, we love to watch in delight as members find their own internal connection to the Gods.  More often then not, this connects them to their own faith while linking them to the Wiccan ways at large.

All I can say is Thank You.

To the future members of this tradition, I hope you find joy, peace and and direct present with the Gods as you walk your spiritual path through our Grove of trees…for many moons to come.

Cheryl 2014