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STG Hive Structure


The Members who train in our tradition will carry us into the future… We are honored and blessed to have dedicated people who have worked very hard over the years not only in training but in forming and maintaining their own covens/circles.

Cheryl, Cofounder- STG, COTE

For Specific hives see Hives of STG

A few Winter Spirits from various hives.

A few Winter Spirits from various hives.


In some traditions, when a coven becomes too large, it splits into smaller covens or “hives.” In our tradition, the ONLY way a hive is created is when a trained ordained Winter Spirit branches out to form his/her own coven/circle. 

Over the years, the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition has grown and spread it’s roots to other area’s within RI, therefore creating Daughter and Sister Hives. These are dedicated members within our Grove who completed the Clergy program and have now branched out to form their own group and for some, training their own students. 

Even though the hives of Spiral Tree Tradition have trained “under” Spiral Tree Grove, Church of the Earth (STG, COTE) they are now our equal and respected as such.  A another solid tree nourished and planted  in the Grove of our Tradition. 

Except for certain aspects of the hive that must be maintained to respectfully continue the Tradition, the Hive can decide what type of group/coven to run, the structure, member requirements, classes they wish to teach (except for a handful that are specific to our Tradition) and they can and do decorate and flavor it with their own specific path.

In our tradition our hives are just as different as the trees in a Grove, all while sharing the same root system.


Sister Grove/Coven- The Winter Spirit branches out to form his/her new grove/coven.

  •  Independent from the main group although supported by the Elders within the Tradition.
  •  Usually more than 5 members, but not necessarily.
  • The Winter Spirit of the hive is considered an Elder in the STG tradition and is treated with respect.

*Daughter Grove/Coven- The Winter Spirit has a “small” sub-group within a larger coven.

  • Usually no more then 5 members (space consideration) otherwise Sister Hiving is suggested.
  • The Daughter Grove’s members are usually part of the Outer Grove/circle of the “Main” group.
  • The Winter Spirit of the hive must take on responsibility/active role within the Main Grove to have a ‘sub-hive’ within said grove.
  • Due to space consideration, daughter Groves are done on a case-by-case-basis.

*Need a large group for this to be effective


Regardless of what type of Hiving one does, each group has it’s own unique flavor and spirit while having the Spiral Tree Grove tradition infused within their roots.