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Roots of Belief


In the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition, We believe……


  • Believes that the Gods and Goddesses of the past have much to teach us, and we try hard to learn the Mysteries of many paths.  (In other words, we work with a variety of different deities and cultural practices.)
  • Acknowledges the duality of the Lord and Lady.
  • Honors the seasons as the life of the Lord: his birth, life and sacrifice.
  • Honors the Goddess in Her triple aspect and lunar phases.
  • Is aware of the duality in all humans and the importance of balance between the two.
  • Realizes the energy of the Gods surrounds us always.

Spiral Tree Grove strives to create an atmosphere conductive to learning. Because of this, all members, regardless of Spirit path, knowledge or experience, will always be learning. This allows for the sharing of ideas and growth that creates a strong Grove.

Rituals & Holiday’s

We write our own rituals/liturgy so we are considered eclectic, however there is familiarity with each ritual to keep with our core traditional beliefs. Our Inner Grove/Circle rituals are much more traditional & formal.
Our ritual focus is to nurture individual experiences with the divine in connection with spirit of Wicca and the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition.
Besides ritual celebration of the 8 Sabbats, Esbats, life transitions, specific Deity rituals, we also have a few distinct holiday’s that we acknowledge as part of our tradition.

Triple Goddess Day-The first full moon after Yule.
Triple God Day- Midsummer sun-based observance.
Halcyon-Magical ‘Rest’ period between Samhain & Yule.

Along with the above beliefs, we also feel strongly that all of our members should…

  • Be open to change and growth within the group and within yourself.
  • That Grove members should be a responsible member of society.
  • Learn from and about a diverse selection of Gods & Mythologies.
  • Believe in the ‘earth centered’ aspect of Wicca.
  • Grove members should strive to be in harmony with the elements and nature.
  • In spiritual growth that leads to finding our true existence. This growth is for the good of the Grove, community and self.
  • That the Craft is first and foremost a religion, and that magic is an ‘extra’.
  • That respect is an important part of belief. Respect for your Hive and it’s members, Spiral Tree Grove tradition, family, friends, Mother Earth, Father Sun and, above all, respect for yourself.
  • That the Craft is an open-minded path. The members of this Grove are chosen on the content of their character and dedication to the Gods and Craft.

The below may vary in different hives.

  • In sharing our public rituals with pagans and others who agree with our same philosophy and principles.
  • Children are encouraged to be a part of the ‘magical’ life. We allow children to attend our Sabbats, provided they are accompanied and supervised by an adult.


*The Roots of Belief follow all the hives although the etiquette may vary. 

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See Etiquette Sheet