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Root Member & Dedicant


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Once a member joins in the “Outer Grove/Circle” you are a member of our Tradition. At this point, there is never an obligation to train as clergy. For some that is their goal.

The way to move forward is to take the Root Member classes or move into the Dedicant program.

These classes are basic. The purpose is to open up dialog about your views, ideas and personal faith. They also give a bit more information about our Tradition and the Hive you are in.

There is never any guarantee that once you complete root member or dedicant that you will be offered training as clergy. Each hive has specific requirements.

  • In the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition the hives have either “Root Member” OR  “Dedicant.”
  • This is the direction on must travel to be considered for training in the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition.
  • It depends upon the needs and the size of the Grove and of course the Winter Spirit of the Hive decides what works best within the framework of his/her Coven or Grove.

Example…A large group may want Root Members as they can help at larger functions whereas a small group may just want Dedicants because they don’t have the room for 5-6 Root Members.


Similarities between Root & Dedicant

  • Needed for considering Inner Grove training.
  • The Training is very similar as they receive a number of basic classes, homework and discussion topics to better understand our traditions beliefs and basic Wicca information.
  • Increased responsibility helping with larger events; purification/libation, working with new members, along with clean up/set up activities within the Groups.
  • There may be slight variations between Root Membership and Dedicant.

Either way, this position is geared toward spiritual growth and increased dedication to the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition.



  • Follows the etiquette and rules of the group.
  • Has shown increased dedication as an Outer Grove Member, along with noticeable dedication to the ‘Wiccan’ ways.
  • Consistent Ritual attendance is usually required.
  • Root Member/Dedicant determination is done case-by-case basis.

** Every hive teaches ‘standard classes’ in the root member program plus ones specific to their hive tradition.


Inner Grove Training Program