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Outer Grove


The Spiral Tree Grove Tradition has been known for having an *Outer & Inner Grove.


Basically the Outer Grove is where you begin and can stay and enjoy the celebrations for many moons to come.

The Inner Grove is where training takes place.

Outer Grove

The Tradition has been in existence since December of 2000, so over the years we have made some layers in order to accommodate our members upon their spiritual path.

The Tradition is primarily a teaching Grove with 2 distinct pathways within our Inner Grove training program, but our Grove’s Outer members  are our foundation. You may notice by surfing our webpage’s that we have “themes”, one being a tree and the other a spiral. Our Outer Grove members are the “trees” within our Grove as they represent our foundation & our root connection to each other and the ‘earth’ aspect of Wicca.


Outer Grove Member (Branch Member)

Everyone starts off in the Outer Grove

If you are a member of our Outer Grove, you may also be referred to as a “Branch” member as stated within our by-laws.

An Outer Grove Member consists of our non-trainee members who attends functions.

Qualifications- Contact the hive you are interested in and ask. 

  • Complete questionnaire or meet with them first.
  • Most of the hives have a ritual/attendance requirement.
  • Keep in touch.
  • Then basically join in rite and have a good time!

Clergy Training is only considered once dedication is noticed and additional classes are complete.  See Root membership or Dedicant.

*This VARIES with the size of the hive.

Feasting after Midsummer Ritual

Enjoying some food after our Midsummer Ritual