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Hives of STG

Hives of the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition 


 “As we expand into the starry heavens, we are one of a many stars. Each shining brilliant; it’s own light, a reflection of the Spirit of All.” 


*Here is the “official” hive page of The Spiral Tree Grove Tradition.


Horn & Cauldron, Church of the Earth


Coventry Rhode Island

The group will focus on the spiritual aspects of Wicca. We celebrate and work with the cycles of nature and life to discover the mysteries within. Our goal is individual spiritual growth and development through dynamic group study and practice of magical/spiritual principles. In the tradition of Spiral Tree Grove, the main emphasis in our tradition is Balance. We seek balance within the feminine and masculine divine (God and Goddess), the elements and energies within ourselves, the mundane and magical, and light and shadow.

Teaching is available free of charge for sincere seekers.

Now accepting new members interested in the study and practice of Wiccan tradition.

Gail via email:

Horn & Cauldron Webpage

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Facets of the Divine, Church of the Earth 


facets of the divine

West Warwick, Rhode Island

Facets of the Divine has closed it’s doors.
The HPS is looking for some solitary time to back to her Norse focus.
If you are interested in discussing Norse Wicca, contact her below as she still loves to network.

Nora via email:

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Sacred Crystal Coven, Church of the Earth

crystal coven logo

North Scituate, RI

The group format is Wiccan -eclectic working with deities from many different pantheons, and continue to follow the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition. It will also have a focus on working with crystals/stones, guided meditations, energy work, and spiritual growth. One of the group’s philosophies is that everything is seen as sacred and contains energy, especially those things that reside in nature, such as crystals and stones, which are one of the groups sacred symbols we will often use in our workings.

Events will be held in the evenings and weekends.

Open to new members 

For more information on future involvement, or questions…

Sacred Crystal Coven Webpage

Lori via email:

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Key, Candle & Crossroads, COTE


 Warwick, Rhode Island

This coven is open. It will be led by the Co-founder of the STG Tradition.

The emphasis is placed upon working with the Goddess Hekate. We hold rituals, meditations and ceremony to connect to her triple aspect and liminal ways.

We will have an inner and outer circle as well as training those sincere and dedicated to the path.

Open to new members 

For more information or questions…

Key Candle & Crossroads Webpage

Cheryl via email: 

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*These are the ONLY official Hives that are recognized as part of the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition.