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Mabon Altar 2006

Mabon Altar 2006

Our Etiquette Sheet is for ALL participants. 

1. The Tradition of Spiral Tree rituals are religious observances. Although socializing is a part of our large circles, as we do enjoy laughing and having fun, the primary reason for our Sabbat/Esbat rituals is to honor the Gods. We ask that you adjust your mindset appropriately.

2. If you plan to attend a ritual, or if you need to cancel, please let the ritual leader know by the designated cut off date. (This date is posted along with ritual information)

3. You MUST show up at least a half-hour before ritual is to begin so that you can relax and ground. We DO NOT honor ‘PST’ (pagan standard time). If you are running late call us, or you will not be allowed in the circle. NO EXCEPTIONS! (check specific hive regarding start times

4. The ritual leader is in charge of the ritual. Please honor any requests made by them. When you attend a ritual you become part of the group’s dynamics: Be aware your actions affect us all!

5. The Craft is an open-minded religion. This Grove does not discriminate against anyone who has chosen this path. We ask that when attending our rituals, you do the same.

6. Don’t touch the altar or personal magical items without permission.

7. NEVER bring another person to a meeting/circle without talking to the ritual leader and getting permission.

8. Do not give out information about ritual attendees/ Grove members without their permission.

9. Please dress appropriately. Please contact the ritual leader for proper attire. Please Refrain from wearing loud symbol or logo type shirts, as they can be very distracting. This Grove does not practice skyclad, and does not expect any ritual attendees to do so.

10 No electrical devices are allowed in circle. Ie. pagers, cell phones, palm pilots, and watches.

11. Non-monetary contributions such as paper goods and utensils, unscented candles, charcoal, food, etc. is not only acceptable, but desirable! This keeps the burden of supply from falling on one person’s shoulders.

12. We may charge a Sabbat/workshop fee to cover the cost of the ritual supplies and/ or the site. The price is fair and minimal.

13. Children are welcome to attend all open Sabbat rituals provided that they are accompanied AND supervised by their parents. Most of our moon rites are not appropriate for young children as they tend to focus on adult personal growth. 

14. We can not set an exact time frame for when a ritual may end. Rituals can last from one hour to two hours. Please schedule your time according as we will not “shorten” a ritual for members outside obligations.

15. Find out what you can do to help with ritual setup or cleanup.

16. Treat the Earth with respect.

17. Last of all, enjoy yourself and have a good time!


Peace and Blessings,

The members of the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition!

Lammas 2010 altar

Lammas Altar 2010

Each Hive has a variation of this etiquette.


Many of the pictures on STG are of our altars. We seldom took pictures of us running ritual cause we didn’t want to be distracted during ceremony. The few pictures you see of us are distant shots. This is to protect those who wish not to be shown.