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Co-founders of STG

squirrel nobody move

 “The one that plants the seed may be forgotten, but the intent of the seed will always be there.” 


You got to be a little “nutty” or really determined to start a Tradition. One of the reason we were able to get this tradition started was because not only did we have similar views, we were friends, had a similar sense of humor, (which you need) and above all we balanced each other out. Our ability to balance each other was how we found the  “balance” in the Tradition and within ourselves.

See History of Spiral Tree Grove 

Cheryl at Beltane VOS

Cheryl at Beltane VOS










Cheryl-WS-Co-founder STG, COTE 2000-present

As as Winter Spirit I maintained my “active” role in teaching, ritual writing and leading ceremonies in the Spiral Tree Grove from inception until Triple Goddess 2012. Stepping back was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make but at that time I was unable to give 100%, and for that reason I needed to recharge and reconnect to my own spirituality. I had to do what I taught and what I teached. Once the main Grove was closed, I still continued to teach the remaining Autumn Spirit Lori so she could obtain her ordination in 2013.

Now, I continue to be an Elder and sounding-board for the Clergy of this Tradition, plus I still maintain the website and uphold the bylaws of this Tradition. Although I stepped back from group work, my dedication and commitment to this Tradition never wavers.  I am always available to the Clergy and active members of this Tradition.

As of now, I am enjoying “visiting’” the hive covens, joining in rituals and festivities plus, I get the joy of being present for most of  initiatory rituals of the Spirits paths.

The one question I am always asked is if I will ever go back to running a coven again?

The answer is” probably.”

Being a part of group work, especially sharing the love I have for ritual writing and construction is a big part of my spirituality. It’s in my heart. For now, I haven’t made any plan or time frame as I need this time to infuse my own spirituality. One never knows what the future seasons hold, so in the meantime, I am letting the Wheel of the Year turn to see where it moves me.

I am still enjoying my personal solitary-ish connection to the divine and to my spiritual path.

As this tradition moves forward we continue to dig our feet deep within the earth.

We will acknowledge our ancestors; those of the Wiccan faith and those of this Tradition. Some day the Clergy of today will be the long Standing elders of the future. As we step into the Grove of trees that holds the individual groups and members, we are surrounded by our extended family. They bring nourishment to the roots that expand to the heart of this tradition. We strive to find new ways to honor our Gods, connect to our respective groups and connect to each other, bound by the Tradition of Spiral Tree Grove in truth, trust and love. 

So Mote it be!

Update-Cheryl has started running a small coven within the STG tradition.


Melanie-WS (retired) Co-founder STG, COTE 2000-2010

Melanie left the Tradition in June of 2010 and has not been apart of this Tradition since her departure. We respect that.

When Melanie left it was a surprise to stay the least. As time past, one can see how changes take place and some times a season, even a good one must end. At our departing ceremony for Melanie, we shared stories, memories and laughter, and then as she requested: we released her energy and her Wiccan obligations from the Grove and this Tradition.

As a Tradition who is focused on lineage, we will always have Melanie’s footprints on the core of our tradition. For 10 years she was submerged  into the Wiccan religion and her role as clergy; Winter Spirit balance to me. During those times, she weaved spiritual earth energy and taught many of the STG concepts that we still use now and for that I am forever grateful.

I will always be reminded and appreciative of what Melanie brought to the creation of this tradition, and I will hold sacred all the memories of that particular times.


Winter Spirit, Elder, Cofounder STG, COTE

Refection in the beginning


This is Yule 2002- Cheryl ( on left) Melanie (on right)

This is Yule 2002- Cheryl (on left) Melanie (on right)