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Clergy Training Program

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Training to be Clergy in the STG Tradition. 

Teaching is the center of our tradition.

Most of the Hives have an Inner Circle or Inner Grove. When a person takes on training we also receive nourishment and thus becomes renewed with trained Spiral Tree Grove Ritual Leaders and Clergy to continue on our tradition. Within the Inner Circle/Grove you find the Winter Spirits (Clergy), Fferyllt (Ritual Leaders), Elders and the trainee’s ( Spring, Summer and Autumn Spirits) who are studying in our training program.

As a teaching Tradition we are honored to instruct those who have found themselves called to the Wiccan path. The classes and requirements are challenging; this is how they are meant to be.

If you join the Inner training program you will be expected to push yourself (psychically), develop yourself (mundane and magic self) and expand all your abilities.

 We have a 2 & 3-tier system that is similar to the degree system found in others traditions, except that the Path is not a stepladder, instead it is modeled after a Spiral.

This DOES NOT change regardless of the hive you are in.

The Spiral represents the cycle within everyone; once the middle (or “end”) has been reached, you go to the beginning again, and the cycle continues. No student is ever ” above” another; we are all walking the same path together. Even the Winter Spirit Balance & Fferyllt is still walking down paths, albeit older paths than someone new to the Craft, but still learning, and relearning, and most importantly… always growing.

Clergy or” Inner Circle/Grove” Expectations are:

  • A sincere dedication to the Gods and the Craft.
  • A mature attitude.
  • A willingness to learn and a desire to better themselves.
  • Can demonstrate that he/she has the physical & emotional time & ability to commitment to this program.
  • Demonstrated that he/she follows the General Etiquette Sheet and by-laws of the Outer Grove.
  • A willingness to support the Craft in a non-invasive, non-proselytizing manner.
  • That he/she has met the requirements of the Outer Grove and has showed advanced dedication to that position.

**We do not charge for ritual leader or clergy teaching.

Copy of double pathway for page

The two paths in our Training Program.

Fferyllt- (Fire-Lite) A Fferyllt has completed ALL of the obligations and class work of the Spring & Summer Spirit path. At the end of Summer Spirit, at the crossroad of choice, he/she can take the path of a honored Ritual Leader within our Grove under the guidance of the Winter Spirit(s).

Takes 2 years and 2 days to complete this program.

Winter Spirit- A Winter Spirit has completed all obligations and class work from the Spring to Autumn Spirit path. Now he/she can now becomes Ordained as Clergy of the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition.

Takes 3 years and 3 days to complete this program.

For most students both programs will take longer.


The Process

  •  We don’t feel the need to ‘rush’ through the process. As the old adage goes. “It is not the destination, it is the journey.”
  • The Inner Grove takes its students from our Root Members or Dedicants to train realizing that there is dedication needed to be a ritual leader or clergy member on a continual basis.


 Sponsorship: Varies according to hive.

This sponsor will be a mentor for the first year of training (Spring Spirit) and then a valued support system through the rest of the training process.

To see more about what is learned at every path, see Spirit Pathways.